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Billy Bell House Moving, Lifts and Moves The COMET CLASSIC to the Next Level.


The Comet Classic's latest Sponsor, Billy Bell House Moving, LLC, based in central Iowa, moves any kind or size of brick or wood frame house. We have also moved many other types of buildings, including over 100 foot long machine sheds, barns, greenhouses, large aluminum bleachers, log cabins, and more. Billy Bell has been in the house moving and lifting business for over 25 years. Billy and his crew take great pride int the work they do for their customers. Visit www.billybellhousemoving.com or call 515-994-2513 with any question you may have about your particular project.

Billy Bell himself, is no stranger to sprint car racing. During his career in his #17 sprint car, he won several big races, and is a racer to be reckoned with on the big half mile at Knoxville every Saturday Night. Some of Billy's career highlights include:

360 Feature Winner at Knoxville on June 6, 1992
360 Feature Winner at Missouri State Fair "Mile Track" October 10, 1992
360 Feature Winner at Knoxville on July 7, 1994
Quick Time at the 1994 360 Nationals.

Thank you Billy, for all your support on BRINGING MIDGET RACING BACK TO IOWA.