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5/28/2022 at I-90 Speedway - Hartford, SD

360 Sprints - Winged: Midwest Sprint Touring Series with Midwest Power Series
305 Sprints - Winged

Jody Rosenboom

360 Sprints - WingedStartFinish
A Feature 1Time: 570.744177th
Heat 1Time: 44.2861DNF

360 Sprints - Winged

Midwest Sprint Touring Series

A Feature

20 laps | 00:09:44.747Presented by Property Solutions of America
12Troy SchreursBaltic, SD12
21Brandon HalversonJackson, MN13MJ
34Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
48Christopher ThramSanborn, MN24T
512Javen OstermannCourtland, MN5J
63Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
717Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14
810Carter ChevalierAndover, MN15C
914Andrew SullivanArnold's park, IA91
1016Aaron WernerColman, SD22W
117Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD83
12 (DNF)5Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
13 (DNF)9Derrik LuskJackson, MN36
14 (DNF)13Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
15 (DNF)18Lincoln DrewisTripoli, IA10
16 (DNF)15James BrotyLonsdale, MN33
17 (DNF)6Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
DNS-Tyler RabenbergPrinceton, MN18

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:03:15Presented by Sea Foam
12Eric LutzSioux Falls, SD5
24Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
35Jack DoverSpringfield, NE53
43Javen OstermannCourtland, MN5J
56Chuck McGillivrayMadison, SD101
6 (DNF)1Jody RosenboomRock Rapids, IA14

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:01:53Presented by Property Solutions of America
11Troy SchreursBaltic, SD12
24Brant O'BanionParker, SD20
32Derrik LuskJackson, MN36
46Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD83
53Andrew SullivanArnold's park, IA91
65Aaron WernerColman, SD22W

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:01:50Presented by The Social
12Brandon HalversonJackson, MN13MJ
26Christopher ThramSanborn, MN24T
31Tyler RabenbergPrinceton, MN18
45Carter ChevalierAndover, MN15C
53James BrotyLonsdale, MN33
DNS-Lincoln DrewisTripoli, IA10

305 Sprints - Winged

A Feature

20 laps | 00:21:32.309Presented by Spielman Excavating
16Nate BargerMadison, SD98
212Casey AbbasGibson, SD17V
311Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
44Dillon BickettMadison, SD17D
58Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD43MB
610Andrew SullivanArnold's park, IA91
719Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD35
89Jesse LindbergSioux Falls, SD7L
97Koby WerkmeisterArmour, SD31
1015Aaron PenningDell Rapids, SD1X
1113Ryan SerraoBrookings, SD55R
1216Nicholas WinterBrookings, SD28
1320Bryan ParkColman, SD20B
14 (DNF)1Logan DomagalaBrandon, SD18L
15 (DNF)21Eli HargreavesCrooks, SD13X
16 (DNF)17Courtney StambeckMadison, SDM00
17 (DNF)5Alec MatayaHumboldt, SD12
18 (DNF)2Jackson WeberDell Rapids, SD97
19 (DNF)3Brandon HalversonJackson, MN13
DNS-Dana HoodLennox, SD61D
DNS-Nick BargerMadison, SD14

Heat 1

8 laps | 00:09:10.015
14Nate BargerMadison, SD98
26Casey AbbasGibson, SD17V
32Logan DomagalaBrandon, SD18L
45Jesse LindbergSioux Falls, SD7L
51Ryan SerraoBrookings, SD55R
67Nicholas WinterBrookings, SD28
7 (DNF)3Nick BargerMadison, SD14

Heat 2

8 laps | 00:03:08.721
15Andrew SullivanArnold's park, IA91
23Dillon BickettMadison, SD17D
34Koby WerkmeisterArmour, SD31
42Jackson WeberDell Rapids, SD97
51Dana HoodLennox, SD61D
6 (DNF)6Courtney StambeckMadison, SDM00
DQ7Sam HendersonSioux Falls, SD35

Heat 3

8 laps | 00:03:53.018
12Brandon HalversonJackson, MN13
25Lee Goos JrHartford, SD17
34Elliot AmdahlFlandreau, SD43MB
43Alec MatayaHumboldt, SD12
51Aaron PenningDell Rapids, SD1X
6 (DNF)6Eli HargreavesCrooks, SD13X
7 (DNF)7Bryan ParkColman, SD20B